Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Collaborating with another Artist

One of the fun things that happened recently was the chance to collaborate with friend, neighbor and Artist, Marge Pauls.  Marge has been commissioned to create one-of-a-kind art for everything from restaurants to album covers and she publishes her own line of note and gift cards.

Well, a couple of months ago, we were attending an Art Fair featuring hand made items.  There was a vendor who used pictures from magazines and put them under plexiglass shapes and made them into magnets.  As we stood there exclaiming what a clever idea that was, we suddenly had an "Ahh haa" moment. "With your art work..." I said. "And your glass and wire work.." she said.  And the idea was born for our collaborative pieces which we call "From The Heart Creations". 

We decided to start with Marge's Angels, which she originally created as Christmas Cards for friends and family.  For four years in a row she did a different Angel and every card was signed and numbered.  (We had ours matted and framed.)  So it was an obvious choice to start with these as ornaments and gifts. The four Angels are: Wisdom (yellow, pictured), Joy (green, pictured), Love and Peace.

When  we were asked if we had something that would make a nice gift for a new mother, we did a piece that  featured Marge's Mother & Child.

And what could have been a better birthday gift for our mutual friend, Gloria, then an ornament with Marge's piece of art work named.....Gloria.

This one is called The Fire Bird, and it was commissioned as an album cover for a collection of military band music.

And if you would like a one-of-a-kind Wedding gift, may I suggest the Love Birds.  It makes a wonderful keepsake.

Asked to create some original art for a local restaurant, Marge tapped into her inner Art Deco spirit and came up with these wonderfully colorful works that captured just the right sense of fun and elegance and were just what the owner was looking for. 

Diva in green, and Femme Fatale in black and gold.

 As you can see, I had a lot of fun adding whimsical wire and beading.

 And here are a couple of my personal favorites.

Friends,  a puppy and a kitten snuggling up on a cold winters night.


A Joyful Noise, a bevy of gamboling birds that always make me smile. 

I'd like to Thank Marge for allowing me to stretch my creativity by incorporating her wonderful art work into my glass and wire pieces. Hopefully this is just he beginning.