Monday, February 19, 2018

It's all about the Memory

 A baby is born, a loved one pass's, these are two very powerful moments in a persons life. So it is an honor for me when I am asked to create a custom piece to commemorate such an event. 

When I am asked to  design a piece for a newborn, I try to create something that will grow with the child, something that they might like to hang in a window when they are grown. So I try for a little whimsy, a little lightness, but always something with meaning.

 This was for a newborn whose name started with a "J". It just so happened that the father was an avid fisherman.

This was for a baby girl who's parents had decorated the nursery in a Fairy Land theme

                       Then there were the proud 
                parents of a new 
                 Doctor son, who wanted 
              something simple but 

 When I am asked to  design a piece as a memorial for a passed loved one, I like to try to incorporate any poems or verses that the family may have used on the Memorial cards. I also try to convey the loved one's personality in the piece. I want this to be something that will bring peace to the family and hopefully help them remember the good times.

  These were made for the family of a gentlemen who passed suddenly. He was a veteran and loved vintage car and motorcycles. One of his daughters dried the roses that all the daughters held during his service. I just knew that I had to make each box different but with a mechanical feel.

This was for a lovely lady who passed away very tragically at a young age, leaving her husband and three grown daughters. These flowers were brought from the cemetery after her burial and pressed and dried.  I tried for a sense of lightness and openness that I hope will make her family feel as if she will always be with them.

 Being asked to help commemorate these very momentous moments in someones life is something that should be approached with  thoughtfulness and respect. And hopefully, you will have brought some joy and/or peace into the lives of the new parents or the remaining family members.